White Valley | Dale – Norway

Do you want to have a Christmas mood anytime? Just take a look at this aerial 360° image taken in the beautiful Dale.

What could be even better than a photo of a snowy village? An aerial 360-degree photograph taken from above it!

The perfect place to live for me. What about you?

Generally, I love places that are connected to mountains. The village of Dale lies in a perfect place – it is nestled between mountains, and it is pretty close to waterfalls and some fjords as well. So I can firmly state that it can be a perfect place to live for a nature fanatic like me. If you take a look around in the 360-degree photograph above, you can understand my statements.

I passed by this small town on a cold winter day and I simply couldn’t resist taking an image with my drone of it. Oh and just one thing to mention, have you ever heard of the famous textile brand Dale of Norway? Now you have to wonder no longer where does that name come from.

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