Winter by the Lake | Oppheimsvatnet – Norway

A mind-easing 360-degree photograph taken at one of the most beautiful lakes I've ever seen.

For many nothing beats winter scenery. I tend to be one of them. Get ready for a truly chilling adventure, and take a look at this aerial 360° panorama photo.

Are you stressed? Let your work rest, and find pleasure in 360 photography

If I could highlight only one thing about this place, it would be how much calmness it radiates. This lake is almost so beautiful that it hurts. So whenever you feel a bit overwhelmed or just stressed, just open this link, take a moment and take a look around.

Examine those snowy mountains, enjoy the color of the sky and the water. I can guarantee it will make you feel more relaxed. Do you believe it not? Bookmark the page, and try it next time! Don’t forget to tell me if it worked!

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