About the Landscape and 360 Photographer, Bence Szekely.​

I’m a landscape photographer and 360 image creator.


I began my photography journey just a few years ago. I started to make photographs just for fun, but after a while, I took my passion more seriously. The inner intention of creation has been always in me since I began working in the advertising industry 10 years ago. Although that job requires me to be creative, I can’t deny that my true passion is photography. Creating images is more than just a hobby for me. I feel that I can express myself through my art. I consider every single photograph as a child of mine so I very carefully publish them through my fine art webshop, on Facebook, or on my Instagram pages.


I don’t really believe in categories, but I consider myself to be an experimental artist and fine art photographer. I’m mostly attracted to nature and landscape photography. I believe that with my art, I can reach more and more people to show them the wonderful place we are living in. By taking nature photographs and even making them available as wall art, I want to bring people closer to nature to make them realize the importance of protecting it from ourselves. Whether it’s an art print for your bedroom, living room, hall, or office, or just a post on social media, I have one goal: showing the amazing nature we are about to lose in the coming years and centuries. With that goal in mind, I eagerly bring you images that I hope you will love at least as much as I wish for you to.


If you would like to hang one of my images at your home, please take a look at my landscape photography webshop.

Photograph of the nature art photographer, Bence Székely.

What Does Nature Photography Mean to Me?

In short—everything.


Being a fine art landscape photographer means everything to me. Nature is the only place where I can truly be myself. Where I can take my time to enjoy the beautiful world we live in and where I can practice my art and passion. When I’m out there, a whole new world reveals itself before me. A world full of joy, beauty, calmness, wilderness, and love. I want to spend my whole life out there exploring around. So I really appreciate recommendations of new places for amazing landscapes, wonderful views, or just great hikes.


As you can guess, I’m on a constant hunt for breathtaking moments. Hit me up, send me an email if you want to share any recommendations about new adventures or just want to discuss old ones. I look forward to hearing from you.

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