3+1 Types of 360° Photographs You Must Know

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Learn how 360-degree photography can take your business's visual content to the next level. Find out the different types of 360 photographs and how they can benefit your business in our latest blog post.

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When it comes to 360-degree photography, it might be difficult to determine where to get started. Because there are so many distinct varieties of 360° images to choose from, it may be challenging to select the one that is most suitable for your purposes.

In this post, we will take a look at three of the most popular types of 360° pictures, as well as one alternative that is not as widely known, so that you may make an informed decision when it comes to capturing and showing your company or place in the best possible light.

1. Showcasing Your Business From Inside: How Internal 360° Photos Can Showcase the Best of Your Business

The first kind of 360-degree content is one that was taken entirely within a single space, such as a room or a building. It doesn’t matter if you run a hotel, a retail store, or an office space; these are the kinds of photographs that are ideal for presenting the interior of your establishment. They make it possible for prospective clients to investigate the area and acquire a feel for its organization and design.

Virtual tour in the VIP Room of Mercedes-Benz Pappas Auto

Not only that, but they also provide an impression of the disposition, ambiance, and environment of the location where they are located. They can assist clients in visualizing themselves there and in imagining the sensations that they would experience if they were to visit your place of business in person.

2. Showcasing Your Business From Outside: The Power of Ground-Level Exterior 360° Photography

The second kind of 360° photographs is an exterior shot captured from the ground in front of a structure. These are the kinds of pictures that are perfect for exhibiting the exterior of your company, including any architectural or landscape aspects that may be present.

They can also be utilized to draw attention to the location of your company, so making it simpler for clients to locate your establishment. In addition, taking photographs of the exterior of your business can be an effective way to display the area, the surrounds, and the surroundings of your company. They can provide a notion of the kind of neighborhood in which your company is located, and it can be an excellent approach to attract customers who are searching for a particular kind of ambiance in a place to do business.

3. Showcasing Your Business From Bird’s Eye View: The Benefits of Using Aerial 360° Photography for Your Business

The single aerial photos captured by a drone represent the third category of 360-degree photographs. These kinds of photographs provide a wonderful overview of an area and are excellent for exhibiting vast estates, such as resorts, golf courses, or industrial sites. They are also very useful for architectural renderings.

Aerial 360° photograph taken over the village of Dale

They can also be utilized to draw attention to the location of your company in a manner that is more comprehensive. Photographs taken from above can be an effective way to demonstrate the size of your property and give potential buyers an idea of its dimensions. They can be especially helpful for companies that are trying to attract clients who are seeking for a certain kind of property, or, for example, to tourism providers who want to present the beauty of their destination country in a unique way.

+1 Showcasing Your Business Comprehensively: The Beauty of Virtual Tour Photography

Last but certainly not least The utilization of 360-degree photographs as complete virtual tours is one of our bonus types. Customers are able to enjoy an uninterrupted tour of your company with these photographs, which are a blend of the three sorts of photos discussed previously. Virtual tours are a strong tool that can be used to showcase your company and increase engagement with your brand.

Virtual tour in the harbor of Oslo

To provide prospective clients with a more engaging and immersive experience, you can utilize them on your website, your single 360° photos through social media, or in other marketing materials. The utilization of virtual tours is especially beneficial for companies that operate out of numerous locations, on multiple floors or larger areas, such as hotels or office buildings. They have the potential to be an excellent method for showcasing the entirety of the property and for providing clients with an idea of the scope of the enterprise.

Beside Locations Also Think of Products

It is essential to keep in mind that 360-degree photography is not restricted to depicting only actual locations; rather, it can also be utilized to promote objects, including automobiles, furniture, and other items. This is a terrific approach to provide buyers with a more in-depth look at your products, which may also assist to improve sales. If you are considering this type of content, it is essential to go with a professional 360° photographer who uses professional equipment since in these use cases, quality is even more important. They are also able to assist you in the creation of a virtual tour that is adapted to your particular requirements and can assist you in accomplishing your marketing objectives.

In a nutshell, 360-degree photography may be an effective marketing tool for companies of any size and operating in any sector. You can utilize it to enhance visibility, engagement, and ultimately sales if you first understand the numerous sorts of 360° images that are available, and then choose the option that is best suited for your company.

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