Escape from Reality | Haukland & Vik Beach – Norway

Are you curious to explore the most famous beaches of Lofoten or even probably the most beautiful ones?

Let’s put aside the majestic mountains, the magical valleys, the mysterious fishing villages, the warm touch of the midnight sun, and the eye-pleasing northern lights. What’s left for a visitor in Lofoten? Well, only one of the most notable highlights of this remote archipelago, its beaches. Every year a ton of people visit Lofoten only to enjoy the beautiful crystal clear bluish-greenish water, to walk in the lovely sand, and to enjoy a view that now you can experience from your home in this 360-degree drone photo. As you can guess, the Lofoten islands are not only a popular destination among swimmers, many-many surfers travel here each summer to ride all the waves they can find.

The most beautiful beaches of Lofoten or even the whole Norway

Is it a fact? No. Is it my opinion? No. It’s a timeless debate. But it’s beyond dispute that Haukland Beach and Vik Beach are among the most beautiful ones. How could even such a question be answered? Everyone prefers something else, and beauty is relative. There are some truly amazing beaches in Norway like Kvalvika Beach or Unstad Beach in Lofoten, Seljesanden in Nordfjord, or Paradisbukta in Oslo. Yet, we can state that the beaches presented in the immersive 360-degree photo above are surely ravishing.

Any activity you could imagine

So in this paradise, you can do almost everything your heart desires for. You can swim of course, you can choose to go for a paddle session or rent a kayak to explore the shoreline, and if the waves are favorable, you can surf. Don’t be afraid, if you’re not a water person, you can hike all around the beach, including a trip to the beautiful mountains surrounding the beach to enjoy this view from atop a mountain peak. And I haven’t even mentioned the best part – if you choose, you can even camp directly at the beach. But please be sure to check the local camping regulations. Enjoy your time there.

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