Road to Fredvang | Lofoten – Norway

One of the most spectacular roads you could ever encounter. See it from an aerial 360 photograph.

Lies between mountains and small islands. Crosses over the calm and sometimes wild waters of the Norwegian Sea. The road to Fredvang is a special one. It goes over not one, but two bridges, and it faces a wizard hat-shaped mountain called Volandstind. It’s surely magical, check it out in the following 360 photograph.

What to know about Fredvang?

This small village lies in Nordland county in Norway. The settlement is located on Moskenesøya island as a part of the Lofoten archipelago. And why it is so special? Well, beside it’s beauty, the road that you can see on this 360 image is the only connection to the world. Quite magical, isn’t it?

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