Storm is Coming | Senja – Norway

Between broad daylight and a violent storm. My drone survive, so you don't have to. Check it out.

Imagine the perfect island. The one that you can see in the movies. The island that is only existing due to CGI. Got it? This island is Senja in Norway.

Now, let’s imagine the perfect and most variable conditions. So you want to see your dream island in sunlight, but you’re also curious about how it looks under a storm, and maybe you also wish to see a rainbow. Got it? This is what you can see on this aerial 360-degree photograph.

Paradise on Earth

After the words mentioned in the prelude, I think it’s safe to say that Senja, the second largest island of Norway is very heaven-like. And in conditions like that in the 360-degree photo above? Well. Decide it for yourself. Anyways on the panoramic image, you’re between Bergsøyan and Bøvær. Bøvær is a small village on the shore, while the Bergsøyan islands can be seen in the middle of the fjord.

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