The Gate of Paradise | Lyngen – Norway

As the rivers flow through, let your eyes follow them into the majestic peaks of the Lyngen Alps.

Not many know that there are Alps to be found in the Northern parts of Europe as well. Traditionally, when speaking of the Alps, almost everyone thinks of the highest and the most extensive mountain range in Europe, which lies in France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, and Italy. But the Lyngen Alps is a mountain range in Troms og Finnmark county in Norway. It’s east of Tromsø, and runs through of Lyngen and 2 other municipalities. The following 360-degree photograph was taken on the borders of Troms and Lyngen.

Hiking Paradise

Just look at this image – what comes into your mind? The Lyngen Alps is a true hiking paradise. It offers the best of Norway in terms of nature. In summer you can climb its mesmerizing peaks, hike in the valleys and enjoy the beautiful nature, while in winter you can ski or if you’re craving for adrenaline you can try out ice or alpine climbing. Whatever season you’re around there, it’s worth a visit.

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