The Crown of Northern Norway | Senja – Norway

Have you heard of the Instagram famous Segla? Well, this is the place where you can find it.

I think it’s safe to say that a pretty high number of nature lovers and photographers arrive in Senja to see and take some photos of Segla. This amazing iconic mountain is one of the highlights of Senja due to its shape and accessibility. It can be reached with a relatively easy 4 hours hike on a moderately difficult path so it’s no wonder why so many people visit it. In this 360 photograph, you can explore the view towards Segla, from above the village lying at the foot of the mountain, Fjordgård.

The ugly truth about Senja

There’s none. I’m not kidding, there’s nothing wrong with this place. I’ve already written about this location, I’ve already called it a paradise or an epic place. So nothing comes to my mind. Maybe only one thing. The island of Senja is a very wild place so you need to hike. And a lot. If you’re getting used to 5-star hotels and maximum luxury, then this island is maybe not your dream location. But if you’re into adventures, maybe even intend to sleep in a tent close to a mountain top, then here you go, you must visit Senja.

The lovely place of Fjordgård

Do you know who would change places instantly with the residents of Fjordgård? All nature and hiking enthusiast people! If you turn the camera downwards in the 360-degree panoramic photograph, you can see a small settlement. This is the place called Fjordgård, a small fishing village, right at the foot of Segla.

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