Good Morning, Slovenia | Bohinj – Slovenia

Waking up near a lake or a mountain is the best way to start your day.

Sunrises are magical. Having any doubts? Take a look at this 360-degree image taken with a drone above Lake Bohinj in Slovenia.

Can you think of a better way to begin a day?

Morning mist, the first rays of the rising sun, fresh scents, cool water, and a bit of breeze. For me, there is no better way of starting a day than getting up early and heading immediately out to nature for some shooting. On this morning I did exactly that. I went to the shores of Lake Bohinj, in Slovenia, and I got what I expected. No less than ideal conditions for taking some images of the beautiful nature. Take a look at them at my nature photograph webshop available as wall arts.

A hidden gem close to the well-known Lake Bled

If you’ve ever planned a trip to Slovenia, you must have stumbled across Lake Bled. It’s the top recommendation of every travel catalog, website or blog article. And not by accident – you can even check a 360 photograph of Lake Bled I took. Lake Bled is a truly awesome place, but Lake Bohinj is a gem also! It lies pretty close to Bled, but not so overcrowded, yet amazing. And there are so many more places in Slovenia that are worth a visit.

Slovenia is definitely another point on your bucket list

Bold statement, but a true one. I’m sure that your travel bucket list is full of amazing places! But you should also consider adding Slovenia, maybe even on the top of that list! Although it’s a tiny country in Central Europe, it’s full of hidden or even not so hidden places like Lake Bohinj. So it’s definitely worth a visit.

But I’m curious, what else is on your travel bucket list? Share with me on Facebook or Instagram.

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