The Green Island | Senja – Norway

I promise you one thing. After seeing the bay of your dreams in this 360 photo, you'll immediately want to swim here.

Just look around. What else would you need for the perfect summer? Bluish-greenish water, sunny vegetation, and literally no people around you. For me, it sounds like a perfect holiday. And all of that in the magnificent Senja. Enjoy the view in the following 360-degree panoramic photograph.

The epicness of the second-largest island of Norway

In another post connecting to a 360 panoramic photo taken from almost here, I’ve already shared a few facts about Senja. But the truth is, that one cannot speak highly enough of this place. If you look around, it feels so perfect. As it is. If you turn the view of the aerial panoramic photo towards the larger part of the island, you can see a small sandy shoreline called Knarrvika beach. Can you imagine spending a day or two here?

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