The Land of the Midnight Sun | Lofoten – Norway

What do you think? Could you live in constant sunlight? You can try it out on the marvellous Lofoten Islands.

Lofoten is a true paradise. It offers endless possibilities for photographers and tourists alike. It has many dramatic mountains, scenic hiking routes, magnificent beaches, small cozy settlements, and beautiful waterfalls. And I haven’t mentioned the best – during the summer months all dazzled by the sunlight of the midnight sun. Experience a moment of this in the following 360-degree photograph.

The Midnight Sun

Summer months in such places as Lofoten offer nothing but constant sunlight. In locations located north of the Arctic Circle and south of the Antarctic Circle, there’s a natural phenomenon called the midnight sun. That means from around the end of May until the middle of July, the sun doesn’t set below the horizon. So there’s basically 24 hours of sunlight. Of course, this doesn’t mean that there’s no rain or clouds, but you can expect the experience sunlight even at night.

The golden opportunity for photographers

As you might know, photographers love to shoot in the “golden hour”. This is basically a period right before sunset and right after sunrise. The sun is low on the horizon, so the light in that time window is quite warm and soft. It’s simply perfect for taking nature and landscape photos. As you might guess, in the Lofoten Islands, this golden hour lasts much-much more than only a single hour. Actually, it starts around 10 PM and ends around 4 AM. So we, photographers have 6 hours to create breathtaking landscape images.

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