The Mighty Segla and its Friends | Senja – Norway

Look around one of the most dangerous abysses of Norway in this 360-degree photograph.

Naturally, all abysses or generally any hiking activity around mountains are dangerous. But that huge rock wall that you can see in the following 360-degree photograph is especially that. Why it’s more dangerous than others? Well, it might be not immediately recognizable, but in this aerial photograph, you can see the mighty Segla. One of the most famous, if not the most famous mountain of Senja, Northern Norway, or even the whole of Norway. If you stay with me even after checking the panoramic image, I’ll share the source of danger with you.

Danger lies in beauty

So, why is that place so extremely dangerous? If you look closely or even examine the 360-degree panoramic photograph taken from the other side, you can see that the hiking path to the foot of Segla is slightly raising. And since it’s really tempting to take a selfie standing in front of the foot of this outstanding mountain as many do, it’s not hard to slip and fall off the edge. Not to mention that if there’s the wind blowing from the direction of the village of Fjordgård, you can also get an extra push to have even more power for your ultimate fall. Unfortunately, it’s not that funny, since there have been already some tragic accidents here.

Let’s meet the other guys

If you have inspected closely the panoramic photograph, you could see two other hotspots beside Segla. Namely the interactive spots marking the peaks of Hesten and Inste Kongen. These two peaks are also accessible on foot if you are a true outdoor enthusiast. The rocky terrain here provides a challenging and exciting hike, and reaching the summit is a true accomplishment. From Hesten, it is possible to continue on to the nearby peak of Inste Kongen. This is perhaps the most difficult hike in all of Senja, so it is only recommended for the most prepared hikers. This towering mountain is well known for its stunning vistas of the nearby coastline, and its challenging trail makes for an unforgettable adventure.

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