Time to Wake Up | Lofoten – Norway

Grab your coffee and enjoy a relaxing morning in Northern Norway.

Doesn’t matter whether you sit in front of your computer and consume your morning coffee or rest on a train heading to your next destination, now you can enjoy some relaxing moments from Lofoten with this 360-degree aerial photograph.

Say hello to Fredvang

Previously I took another 360-degree photo around Fredvang. As mentioned in that one, this enchanting village lies on Moskenesøya in Lofoten. This special place is only connected to the rest of the world with only one road including two bridges connecting the small islands. If you turn the camera towards the other side of this panoramic photo, you can see the small roofs ‘on the other side’ are all over the island. That’s the village of Fredvang. How do you like its surroundings? Could you live here?

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