Where Two Worlds Meet | Fjøløy – Norway

Let's fly above the endless sea and the beautiful land of Norway.

Have you ever felt that life is magical? I do. As a matter of fact every time when I’m out there in the nature it happens. Especially when I’m standing on the brink of the Earth. Would you care to join me in the form of a 360-degree photography experience?

Special places deserve special feelings

Every single location in the nature is special. It’s a fact. But places where land meets water are even more extraordinary. These are the places where you feel completely lost, breathless and speechless. It doesn’t matter whether you are standing on the shore of a lake, an endless blue sea or an ocean. It’s just special. You can just stand there and take a look around or sit down and think of sublime things like your very life or our existence in this world. Literally just anything. And Norway offers you a lot of good locations.

Norway, the land of mysteries

For me, Norway is the land of mysteries. Why? Because you can find everything here you’ve ever dreamt of. Beaches, mountains, forests, lakes. Not to speak of its cities or culture. But let’s concentrate on things that can be found in nature. If you looked closely on the 360° photograph above, you could discover some islands, the endless sea, and some cozy houses as well. Fjøløy, where this 360° image was taken is a small island in South Norway pretty close to Stavanger. It tells you all about this region.

It’s cozy, yet feels remote. It’s colorful, yet a bit bleak. So all in one it makes you feel something. If you watch closely and you have seen my images available as wall art, you can also discover that I took one of my artistic photographs here as well. And if you watch even more closely, you can discover a ‘darker’ viewpoint in this image as well.

The backside of feeling yourself amazing at the beach

Okay, so take a look at the 360-degree photography above. What do you see? The water is perfect, the land is warming. But what about that object on the surface of the sea? Yep, that’s a huge cargo ship. The environmental impact of shipping is far more enormous than you’d think. Thousands of cargo ships cross our beloved oceans every single day. These giants are responsible for more than 3 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions according to Oceana. Which is massive.

Yeah, it’s only 3 percent, but if you think about it, you will immediately realize how big that number is. If you think of global transportation, electricity and industrial production, residential effects (heat etc.), agriculture, forestry – you will realize that 3 percent only from shipping is enormous. And it’s only increasing.

The hard facts that will hit you immediately

As a matter of fact, if global shipping were a country, it would be the sixth largest producer of greenhouse gas emissions in the world. Not to speak of other impacts, like water, acoustic, oil and air pollution. Oh and also please remember the news about those sinking freighters…I’m not the person who tells you what to do and what not to do. I’m really not. But this is a fair point why you should choose local products instead of buying cheap things from overseas.

Takeaway – what worth to remember

I think the main takeaway of this short story is that although we have to enjoy life as we can, now we are in an age when we can’t enjoy anything without thinking of its effects. We are living on the edge. We have to do everything in our power to decrease our impact on nature.

I hope you love my 360-degree photograph taken at the beautiful shore of Fjøløy, Norway, and I’m eager to find out what your thoughts are. Please share it with me in any platform you prefer.

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